A book-historical collection at the Bodleian: Strickland Gibson

Special bindings; oak boards; surviving fragile paper wrappers; a reversible book jacket; false imprints; printing in non-Roman alphabets; contradictory dates in an edition; unusual formats; conjoined pages demonstrating imposition schemes; an example of ‘work and turn’ printing gone wrong; misbound sheets; unbound pamphlets; books in sheets; proof sheets; galley proofs; cancels; type-facsimiles of newspapers; reprints; representative editions from several centuries of European printing …. Bibliographer and librarian Strickland Gibson (Sub-Librarian at the Bodleian from 1931 to 1945) collected specimens revealing the history of printing and book-binding for the study and teaching of bibliography. These are preserved in the Gibson collection … Continue reading A book-historical collection at the Bodleian: Strickland Gibson

Survival of the Goostly Psalmes

Miles (or Myles) Coverdale’s undated ‘Goostly Psalmes’ contains just over 40 songs in English, mostly translations of German hymns, with printed music. It is printed in the quarto format, with colophon ‘Imprynted by me Johan Gough. / Cum privilegio Regalj’. The only known complete copy is at The Queen’s College, Oxford, consisting of 60 leaves in total. Fragments can be found the Bodleian and Beinecke Libraries. In the foldable sheets linked here, we have joined images of these two sets of fragments: two leaves at the Bodleian, one each from signature B and signature C, and three leaves from signature … Continue reading Survival of the Goostly Psalmes