The Bodleian Bibliographical Press

The Bodleian’s Bibliographical Press is located in the Old Bodleian Library in a ground-floor room, the Schola Musicae, opening from the Old Schools Quadrangle. Inside are free-standing iron presses (four Albions and a Columbian), a ‘Western’ model proofing press, a star-wheel etching press, a number of table-top presses, and several composing frames, including three seventeenth-century frames, with a quantity of wooden and metal type. The room hosts classes in hand-printing for students from Oxford and other universities, and regular workshops for families, adults, and primary school groups. Latest inspirations Working presses in the Bodleian letterpress studio: Large John & Jeremiah … Continue reading The Bodleian Bibliographical Press

The ‘Bodleian’ First Folio

The Bodleian Libraries hold two copies of the first folio edition of Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies (1623). These have not always been in the Library, though; hear about the tangled history of the ‘Bodleian’ copy from Emma Smith, here. And see the fully-digitised copy, shelfmarked Arch. G c.7, here. And read here about the conservation effort to secure this volume. See the list of digitized First Folios maintained by Sarah Werner at her blog Wynken de Worde Continue reading The ‘Bodleian’ First Folio