Foldable Goostly Psalmes fragments

Miles (or Myles) Coverdale’s undated ‘Goostly Psalmes’ contains just over 40 songs in English, mostly translations of German hymns, with printed music. It is printed in the quarto format, with colophon ‘Imprynted by me Johan Gough. / Cum privilegio Regalj’. The only known complete copy is at The Queen’s College, Oxford, consisting of 60 leaves in total. Fragments can be found the Bodleian and Beinecke Libraries. In the foldable sheets linked here, we have joined images of these two sets of fragments: two leaves at the Bodleian, one each from signature B and signature C, and three leaves from signature … Continue reading Foldable Goostly Psalmes fragments

Oxford Seminar in the History of the Book

January – March 2021, Fridays at 2:15pm (GMT) with special session 29 Jan. at 5pm (GMT) Conveners: Cristina Dondi (Lincoln College, Oxford) and Alexandra Franklin (Bodleian Centre for the Study of the Book) On-line: Join mailing list using this online form. Registrations will be honoured in the order received. You can register for the whole series or for selected seminars. Note, you must be registered at least 48 hours in advance to receive the joining instructions for that seminar. January 22 Matthew Payne, Keeper of the Muniments, Westminster Abbey, ‘Follow the Money: Wynkyn de Worde, Jacques Ferrebouc and the Bardi’ … Continue reading Oxford Seminar in the History of the Book